i am slave boy david.  

i am proudly collar by Master Gary who has been my lover for over 22 plus year.  

i wear Master Gary's collar all the time now

Please see Master Gary's profile DaddyForeskin on Recon and Foreskin8 on fetlife


slave boy david is very submissive, loves to be bound and tortured.  

slave boy david also has a Dom side with the right boy.  

Master Gary will allow me to still play with others but he will have to approve the play ahead of time except for events like Inferno, IML and DBC bar nights.


slave Boy david Stats:  47yr, 5'4", 31"w, Bond, blue eyes, 132#, smooth, shaved, cock cut 6.5", switch but prefer to bottom/sub

Master Gary Stats: 60yr plus, 6'2", Brown, Hazel eyes, 190#, uncut 7", versatile but not into kinky play

We have an open relationship so hit me up if your interested. 


slave's 'Interest Include: 

- bondage:: (love to be tied up and tie up others. Prefer rope bondage but do have many leather restrains)
- TT:: (love all kinds of tit torture. My cock is connected to my tits)
- CBT:: (love my cock to be paddled for long a time. Crushing and pulling my balls are a plus too. Always looking for other that enjoy the same. Also, love my cock being on the edge of cumming but not allowed. )
- Flogging:: (love a flogging that will start up slowly and work to a deep hard flogging)
- Electro-simulation:: (love the feeling of electro stimulation. It is the most amazing erotic feeling.  Also, am very experienced putting a boy for a trip of his life)
- Spanking / Paddling:: (can handle more then just ass spanking and love to give it as well)
- Feet Worship:: (love to give massages and mouth cleaning/sucking of a Dom's feet)
- Kissing:: (love deep French kissing gets me rock hard)
- Tickle Torture:: (creative way to keep me laughing)
- Oral Sex:: (love to suck a hard cock)
- submission:: (submitting is something I long to do when ever given a chance SIRs)
- Domination:: (like to tie up subs and have my way with them. I am good at rope bondage but their is always some better so willing to learn. Also, very experienced with electro stimulation)

slave's Non-Kinky Interests:

- Working out
- Camping with my gay camping group
- Geo caching (electronic treasure hurt with GPS)
- Playing Cards and Board games
- Reading 
- Movies
- Cooking
- Writing sex stories
- Making kinky toys
- Chatting with friends online
- Swimming in my pool


slave's Turn Offs / Limits:  Water Sports, Bare Backing, Fisting, Needles, Scat, and Raunchy.


Club's which slave boy david is a member or associate member:

- Detroit Bondage Club 

          http://www.metrotim /story.asp? id=10652
- Chicago Hell Fire Club 

- Male Tent and Trailer Club 


    Inferno (46) Sessions A & B 2017 [david]


        Inferno (34) - B session  2005 [david] (my first inferno, it was great!)
        Inferno (35) Sessions A & B 2006 [david]     
        Inferno (36) Sessions A & B 2007 [david]  
        Inferno (37) Sessions A & B 2008 [david]
        Inferno (38) Sessions A & B 2009 [david] 
        Inferno (39) Sessions A & B 2010 [david]  
        Inferno (40) Sessions A & B 2011 [david] 
        Inferno (41) Sessions A & B 2012 [david]
        Inferno (42) Sessions A & B 2013 [david] 
        Inferno (43) Sessions A & B 2014 [david] 
        Inferno (44) Sessions A & B 2015 [david] 
        Inferno (45) Sessions A & B 2016 [david] 
Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2005 [david]
        CHC Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2007 [david]        
        CHC Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2008 [david]   
        IML 2008 [david]
        CHC Associates Applicants Weekend  Nov 13 to 15th, 2009  
        CHC Associate Applicant Weekend 2010
        CHC Associate Applicant Weekend 2011
        CHC Associate Applicant Weekend 2012 
        CHC Associate Applicant Weekend 2013 (11/08 - 11/10)
        CHC Associate Applicant Weekend 2014
        Palm Springs Nov 10th - 17th, 2006 [Gary and david]
        Dore Alley Street Fair (San Francisco/Napa Valley) July 28th - Aug 5th
        Daytona Dec 24th - 26th 2008
        Orlando Dec 27th - Jan 1st 2009
        Las Vegas March 30th to Apr 6th, 2010 (Vacation)
        Fort Lauderdale and Key West, 2014
        Cap Cod, MA May 9th to 15th, 2015
        DC and Williamsburg VA, 2017 
        Phoenix, Arizona April 2017

Boy David at the Detroit Bondage Club

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